Burnett Park

Pages 88-89

Burnett Park in Fort Worth, TX is a disciplined landscape design based on twenty four squares. Peter Walker Partners designed the park by first grouping the squares in a grid across the interior of the site, leaving a perimeter area for planting and circulation (see diagrams to bottom left). Next, a series of diagonal gestures were sliced through each square. Collectively, the negative space between the squares and the diagonals formed a network of orthogonal and diagonal walks against a background of lawn. Finally, a rectangle was overlaid on top of the squares and was delineated by a series of recessed square pools around its edge. The visual and organizational strength of the ground plane creates a unifying flatness across the site. Against this regulated background, the interior planting of trees is allowed to be more random, creating contrasting open and shaded spaces.


It is interesting to note that Burnett Park, like many landscapes, has undergone changes since its installation in the 1980's. Maintenance costs lead to the removal of the pools and some planting areas in late 2000’s, simplifying the park to a palette of lawn, walks, and trees. Nevertheless, the initial structure remains obvious and striking.






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